Why does the purity and integrity of your food depends on the safety of materials in your cookware?

For a healthy life, eating healthy is a necessity. Similarly, to cook healthy food, choosing the safest cookware is necessary. This is because of the simple fact that any cookware that is made from reactive materials is prone to leach and contaminate food during the process of cooking. How safe a cooking pot is, depends on the raw material and finishing used to make it. Let us find out how the purest and the safest material can protect the integrity and health value of your food: 

Only a 100% Non-toxic Material is inert 

The presence of reactive materials in cookware makes it prone to leaching. Conventional materials such as metals, chemical laden ceramics and the additives used to add color, coat, make it fire resistant, and shine (like glazes and enamels) – all of these are reactive. 

Why should the raw material be inert? 

Cooking food is a biochemical process, which means a reactive material can interfere with the process and change its nutritional composition. The toxins leaching from the cookware react to nutrients in the food and form chemical compounds that have no nutritional value in the body. Over time they accumulate in the blood, cells, and organs to slowly make them defunct. This becomes the foundation for many health problems and chronic illnesses. 

Therefore, cookware material must be inert to support the integrity and purity of food

Which raw material is the safest? 

As discussed above, conventional materials used today to make cookware like Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, ceramics, porcelain, are naturally reactive so there is no way to cook in them thinking our food is safe! But there is a natural alternative: 

All-natural pure and primary clay (or pure clay) is a material that is 100% non-toxic. This is something our ancestors depended on for centuries. Although, switching to metals or other materials was a mistake which we need to correct for the safety of our food. 

Where to get this safest cookware? 

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering company in the US has been making pots and pans from pure clay and selling them all over the world. Their unique design and making methods yield many unique features discussed on their website.  

MEC is the only pots made from 100% tested and certified primary clay, known by their distinct deep orange color. The naturally non-reactive material keeps the nutritional composition of food intact by not leaching toxins. It also cooks with the superior food friendly heat — far infrared heat. This unique form of heat keeps delicate nutrients like complex carbs intact, which are usually destroyed by harsh heat from the conventional materials.

Interested in cooking your next meal in the safest cookware made from pure clay? Head over to MEC Store and order your MEC cooking pot today! 


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