How to Cook Black-eyed Peas (and Other Beans) Healthy and Nutritious

Black eyed peas are one of the most nutrition rich legumes. They improve digestion, lower blood pressure and boost overall health. No wonder people in some parts eat black eyed peas as a staple. However, there is one little problem. Like other beans, they are high in lectins.

What are Lectins?

Lectins are anti-nutrients that hamper absorption of nutrients and can potentially cause digestive disorders, like bloating or gas and damage to the gut wall. The best way to get rid of these is to soak beans overnight before slow cooking.

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How to Cook Healthy Recipes in a Pressure Cooker (Step-by-Step Guide)

The Role of Pressure Cookers in Cooking Healthy Foods

A pressure cooker is a handy tool to help you cook your meals fast and healthy without compromising on their health and nutritional value. Of course, you must choose the right pressure cooker to truly achieve that. Why? Let me explain:

Food is a biochemical entity which means it is prone to react while it is being cooked with heat. A healthy and non-toxic pressure cooking pot goes a long way in deciding the safety and health value of your ingredients. Most pressure cookers use a metal pot, and metals being innately reactive, leach toxins during cooking and render food unhealthy. They also destroy the nutrients by cooking with harsh heat. Keep reading to take a look at different pressure cookers, and how healthy and easy they are to use.

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Healthy Nonstick Cooking with A Natural Pan and No Coating

The Need for Non-Stick Pans

Ever tried making eggs in a pan that is not non-stick? Some of the food getting stuck to the bottom, the hassle of cleaning the pan and the worst: the burnt taste mixing with your favorite food – we have all been there at some point.

To avoid such experiences, a non-stick pan feels like a blessing for cooking recipes that require nonstick frying, sautéing, baking, and more. These days, ceramic pans (or at least, pans with a ceramic coating) are the new in-thing. Why not the previously popular Teflon? Because the Teflon-coated pans were found to be releasing carcinogenic fumes, which is the last thing you want near you! But is ceramic a safer alternative to other nonstick coatings? What if we tell you that the best nonstick pans don’t need any kind of coating?

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Enhance Your Clay Cooking Experience with MEC: 5 Tips

Cooking with clay is the “in” thing for healthy cooks around the world who, after testing numerous modern cookware varieties, settled for the only time-tested cookware material: natural clay. Clearly, no artificially synthesized materials can beat the natural.

There are many types of clay pots available in the market, based on shapes, sizes, and any potential additives used for enhancing their beauty and usability. However, the most enlightened clay cooks prefer unglazed pots over those treated with chemical additives, glazes or enamels; because these additions defy the whole purpose of cooking in clay. Using chemicals or additives take away the natural inertness of pure clay cookware and make it reactive (prone to leaching into food items). Besides, there are many healthy features that only unglazed clay pots can offer that are explained in depth here.

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Healthy & Delicious Dutch Oven Recipes for MEC Cooking

Miriam’s Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a US-based company makes pots and pans from lab-tested primary clay without additives, chemicals, or glazes. Among the many uses for these handmade healthy pots, Dutch oven cooking is one of the more popular reasons people buy these.

Soups, side dishes, desserts, and one-pot meals – there are so many vegetarian Dutch oven recipes that you can try in MEC. Cooking in MEC’s clay pots retains the ingredients’ natural flavors, enhances the aromas, and preserves the recipe’s nutritional value — turning your meals more delicious and nutritious. MEC’s far-infrared heat cooking and natural steam retention abilities make cooking simple and fast, with little-to-no babysitting and lower heat. In this article, we have 5 popular Dutch oven recipes for vegetarian cooking on the stove top in MEC!

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Are Ceramic Pans Really “Green”?

After studies revealed how Teflon-coated nonstick pans were contaminating both our bodies & the world around us, manufacturers had to look for alternatives. Teflon has averse effects on our health, and both its production (via tailings) & use (via toxic off-gassing) negatively impacts the environment. After these discoveries, ceramic cookware and ceramic coating became popular as a safer and supposedly ‘greener’ alternative. No one can argue that ceramic pans are a safer alternative to Teflon, but is it actually eco-friendly and fully healthy? Unfortunately, it is not as great a cookware set as you may think. Here’s why:

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Essential Tips & Recipes For Vegetarian Tagine Cooking

If you have arrived at this page, it may be because you know about the benefits of vegetarian cooking and have heard about the traditional tagine pot, and perhaps want to try one for your vegetarian meals!?

What is a Tagine:

A tagine is a shallow pan that comes with a conical lid. The shape of the lid enables better steam retention and keeps food flavorful and nutritious. It originates from Morrocco and is popular in the Mediterranean cuisine. It is now an internationally recognized cookware design for its ability to cook, retaining so much moisture and flavor in the food. An authentic tagine is made from natural clay, and if you want the same benefits the original ones offer, then you need a truly authentic tagine:

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Healthy Cooking Rice & Other Grains – Quick Tips and Recipes

Consider this scenario: You want to add some more fiber to your diet, and you discover that wild rice can be a great source of this. However, when researching how to make rice, different websites tell you different things and might recommend adding unnecessary ingredients to the rice that might ruin the health value. You finally find a recipe that might work for you, but when you try to cook it, your rice comes out hard, chewy, and tasteless. What went wrong? It’s just rice, does it have to be this difficult?

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One Slow Cooker for Stove, Oven & Crockpot – Non-toxic & Healthy

Tired of your electric slow cooker gadgets taking too much space and looking for a way to slow cook right on the stove top and in the oven? Then you are not alone: modern slow cookers are not only complex to use, but they also pose some serious health risks, which is causing healthy cooks to look for better alternatives. This article explains the criteria for choosing the best slow cooker that can conveniently slow cook healthy food on a stovetop.

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How to Cook Clay Pot Chicken? – Useful Tips & Recipes

Clay Pot Chicken and Other Clay Cooking Recipes From Around the World

If you have arrived here, you must be someone who is aware of the distinct deliciousness of food cooked in clay and are perhaps looking for more recipes and information on this amazing cooking method. Maybe you tried a claypot chicken dish at a friend’s party, or bread made in a clay oven…

Whatever be the case, we have some delicious recipes from around the world cooked in clay, wise tips on choosing the right clay pot for cooking, and not to mention some delicious claypot chicken recipes!

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