Why MEC’s pure and simple clay kitchenware should be on your shopping list

Over the past decade, Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) has made a name for itself by making 100% non-toxic products from an all-natural material. Unlike most cookware makers, MEC skipped popular metals and ceramics, and chose the purest form of clay – primary clay after testing it in a reputable state lab. Using this healthy raw material, although it ensures that the final product is free from contaminants – it also poses many challenges. All this hard work that the makers like to call ‘a labor of love’, pays off in the form of 100% healthy and non-toxic kitchenware. Discover how MEC manages to keep their products free from toxins and why they keep them pure and simple.

Who is MEC? And what measures do they take that make their products unique?

MEC is an all-American company that makes pots, pans and other kitchenware using lab tested primary clay without using additives, chemicals, or glazes. The raw material is sourced from secluded – unfarmed and non-industrialized lands in the US.

They harvest clay from 25-30 feet below the ground because the pollutants and tailings from mining and industrial waste do not travel beyond 4-5 feet. The clay sample is sent to a reputable state lab to test for every mineral, nutrient, and contaminant to the minute precision.

Furthermore, MEC does not add anything to the clay or modify it in any way to make it easier to work with (like elasticizers, plasticizers, drying agents, etc.). They refrain from using any machine-based/mechanized manufacturing process because that would require use of toxic chemicals. MEC adopts the ancient method of throwing clay on a potter’s wheel. Is this manufacturing process harder and more time consuming? Yes. But when people’s health depends on it, it is worth all the effort.

All MEC products are 100% non-toxic and are as pure and natural as the raw material. There are no colors, glazes or carvings used to make them look more attractive. And they have good reasons for not doing so.

Why MEC keeps kitchenware pure and simple?

Adding any color to the pots and applying a shiny glaze means using metal oxides and many toxic chemicals. All these can potentially leach into food while cooking or serving. Also, doing so takes away the porosity of the pots and pans, which means they will not be breathable anymore. MEC pots let the oxygen pass through the pot during the cooking process, which is essential for healthy and nutritious cooking.

Also, any excess water will not be able to evaporate through the pores. This feature of MEC is particularly useful when making yogurt because it keeps yogurt thick and creamy.

And lastly, MEC keeps the design simple and straight forward without using a single carving, just for the sake of appearance. Why? Because any indentation could become a breeding ground for bacteria so close to your food and no healthy cook wants that.

As a result, MEC kitchenware are pure, simple and take the deep red hue of fired clay. It further adds to the aesthetics of these natural products.

Clearly, MEC adopts a unique way of keeping their kitchenware pure, simple, and non-toxic. This places them on a whole different level when it comes to offering healthy products. Read on to find out what kind of kitchenware MEC offers and what more is coming soon.

MEC kitchenware – what is in store for the health-conscious customers?

MEC offers pots and pans of different sizes through their online store and ships them to customers around the world. There is a discounted alternate line of cookware that comes with surface imperfections yet fully functional to easily fit your budget.

A few years back, they expanded their product portfolio by introducing non-toxic cups and bowls for serving. One may also use them to cook or heat small quantities of food, teas, or decoctions, etc.

Last year, MEC started offering pots for fermenting, sprouting and micro-gardening at a great discount. This turned out particularly useful for customers looking for healthy options under this category.

This year, there are some more surprises for MEC cooks in the form of naan pans/griddles, water jars, salad plates and bowls. Feel free to subscribe to MEC newsletter (at the bottom of website) to be the first to know, when they arrive.

If you have not tried MEC yet and want to join the league of healthy cooks who ditched unhealthy kitchenware and permanently switched to this non-toxic alternative, then head over to our online store and order your first MEC pot today!

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