Boost your immune system with healthy home-cooking in MEC

Among other vital systems in the body, the immune system has a special importance. It ensures smooth running of bodily functions by keeping illnesses at bay. Though it is common knowledge that healthy eating strengthens our immune systems, did you know that choosing the safest cookware is equally important too? This article discusses some great immune boosters you can include in your daily diet and the safest way to cook them. Keep reading to learn more.

Boost your immune system by eating these 5 foods

A healthful diet is crucial for boosting immune system. Here are some foods you should consider eating regularly:

1. Citrus fruits – These are rich in vitamin C, which increases the production of WBCs and build a strong immune system. Some popular options are grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons, and limes.

2. Red bell peppers – These contain much more vitamin C than citrus fruits and are also a rich source of beta carotene (later gets converted into vitamin A). Besides boosting your immune system, they are great for healthy skin and eyes.

3. Broccoli – It is superrich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C and E, fiber and many antioxidants. The important thing, though, is to keep these nutrients intact. Some prefer not to cook it at all for this purpose, but there is a way to retain these nutrients after cooking (explained in later part of this article). (MEC’s broccoli recipe here)

4. Garlic & Ginger – Garlic has a heavy concentration of sulfur-compounds like allicin, which gives it great immune-boosting properties. Ginger helps decrease inflammation, chronic pain, and cholesterol levels. Both are found in almost every cuisine and add their zingy flavors to your food. Therefore, these are must haves in your daily diet. To get the full benefits of these two ingredients choose them fresh instead of frozen, dried, pre-crushed or processed in any other way. Unless they are fresh there is nutritional compromise.

5. Yogurt – Yogurt is rich in immune-boosting probiotics that are beneficial for your gut system. It is a rich source of vitamin D, which also helps regulate the immune system. The store-bought yogurt is less healthy because it is heavily processed and contains preservatives, so it is best to make it at home in a safe and healthy pot (more on this is discussed below).

There are many more immune boosting foods like these that you can include in your meals, but an important aspect is how you cook these. Because using an unhealthy pot can not only take away much of the nutritional value of your food, but can also allow toxins to weaken your immune system instead. This begs the next question:

Which is the Safest Cookware for healthy home cooking?

For healthy cooking, we must avoid cookware made from materials that can leach toxins. The commonly used materials of this type are metals and ceramics. Metals are innately reactive, so the cookware made from them (or their alloys) leach and react to nutrients in food while cooking. Ceramics are laden with chemicals containing metal compounds among other toxic substances. They can contaminate food just as much as metals do, if not more. The toxic compounds formed in this process enter our body and let toxins accumulate in the blood stream, cells, and organs. Eventually, this compromises our immune systems and makes us sick.

This creates a void of a healthy alternatives among popular cookware materials. And within the past decade or so, Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) has successfully filled this void. This US-based cookware brand that makes cookware from all-natural primary clay has redefined the safest cookware like no other. Gone are the days when unhealthy raw materials were made “safe” using toxic coatings or enamels! MEC handmakes pots and pans from lab tested 100% pure primary clay without any additives, glazes, or chemicals.

Besides keeping food free from toxins, MEC retains even the most delicate nutrients in your food through unique far infrared heat cooking. The pot converts heat from the source (gas/electric/glass stove) into gentle far infrared heat and lets it spread throughout the pot. And then it penetrates deep into food and cooks thoroughly without damaging nutrients. As a result, your food turns out richer in nutrients and healthier than it would be, if cooked in metals or ceramics. These and many more healthy features (read more about these here) have made MEC the safest cookware available in the market.

Cooking your healthy foods in MEC and making yogurt at home (learn how) makes sure the immune boosting properties in your food, stay unharmed. Interested in cooking your next immune booster meal in MEC’s healthy and safe cooking pot? Head over to our online store and order one today! Then try some of our healthy and delicious dishes featuring some of these immune-boosting foods:


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