Maintenance Tips for Your Clay Cookware: How to Clean Your Clay Pot and More!

You just recently got yourself one or more of MEC’s 100% non-toxic clay pots, the safest pots and pans for cooking. But how do you take care of it? How do you make it last? Thankfully, if you follow these useful tips for cleaning and maintaining your MEC unglazed clay pots, these pots can last you a lifetime. Here is a quick guide for taking care of your healthy cookware:

Simple and Easy Cleaning Instructions for Your MEC Clay Pot

How to Clean Your Clay Pot?

To clean your MEC clay pot, use clean water, sprinkle baking soda, and use a mild scrubber or scrubbing brush (avoid metal scrubbers). Because of the pot’s non-stick capabilities, you can clean them easily. Just wet the pot under water and then sprinkle some baking soda. Scrub and rinse off. It is not advisable to use soap or detergent because they are environmentally toxic.

What If I Burn Food?

Properly prepared food rarely gets burnt because of gentle far-infrared heat cooking, but even if it does burn, it is easy to clean. Just fill the clay pot with 2 cups of warm water, sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda, let it sit with water for at least 15 minutes, then scrub and rinse the pot. You may also use a metal spoon to gently scrape off any burnt food.

What Do I Do if I Notice Mold or Mildew Growing in the Pot?

Mold grows in clay pots when they do not get a chance to fully dry; for example, if a new pot is put away for storing without wiping with a cloth (over time you don’t have to wipe it down before storing), or if the lid was placed on top while storing (please store the pot and lid separately!). The mold can be cleaned off completely– it is not toxic– and the pots can be used again. Just follow these steps outlined on the MEC website:

Mold or Mildew – Why it appears, How to clean and prevent it from happening again?

How Can I Prevent This From Happening Again?

Always make sure your pot is properly cleaned and gets a chance to thoroughly dry between uses. To achieve this, you may wipe it with a towel after washing and dry it out in the sun or in a well-ventilated place. If the pot takes too long to dry or holds too much moisture, you can dry it on the stovetop at the lowest heat setting till the rim is warm to the touch.

Maintenance Tips to Increase the Durability of Your Clay Cookware

MEC uses the healthiest cookware material, pure clay – an all-natural material that can make a sturdy piece of cookware when used the right way. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions related to cooking with clay:

What Heat Setting is Best for MEC’s Earthenware Cooking Pot?

Clay pot cooking in MEC requires much lower heat than metal cookware – thanks to far infrared heat cooking. All recipes can cook on just low heat (about setting 3 on a scale of 1-10). If your pot/pan is more then 1/2 full with cooking ingredients, you can increase to medium-low (setting 4) after cooking on low for a few minutes. Avoid medium or higher than medium settings. When new, they need some additional time to cook meals, but after in about 5-6 uses they learn how to cook at lower heats and they cook faster, taking about the same time as conventional pots (or less!). Always use a diffuser on electric cooktops, and be sure to use a diffuser when cooking for longer hours on any cooktop. Avoid sudden temperature changes; for example, allow clay pots to come to room temperature after taking it out from the fridge.

What Do I Do if My Pot Becomes Black at the Bottom?

When cooking with clay, you will notice that the bottom of your pot becomes black or gray over time with use. Do not panic, this is normal! It happens as a result of a normal oxidation process; this happens with any 100% organic matter like wood or stone when heat is applied. It won’t affect their functioning.

How Do I Make My Pot Non-Stick Quickly?

MEC pots become fully seasoned after 5-6 uses as the clay platelets come closer and form a tight bond, meaning the pot shrinks ever so slightly. To expedite the process, use your pot to cook water-based vegetarian recipes like beans, lentils, and soups back-to-back first 5-6 times.

What is the Best Way to Store A MEC Pot?

Always store your pot with the lid off in a well-ventilated place like on top of a grill or on a stovetop. In humid places (and in general!), it is good to store them near the window or out in the sun. It is a good idea to dry them out on the stovetop once every few weeks on the lowest setting until the rim is warm to the touch.

Following these simple steps, you can substantially increase the life of your healthy non-toxic cookware. The great thing about MEC clay cookware is the more you use them, the better they function!

Don’t have a healthy, fully non-toxic cookware pot yet? If you are looking for a non-stick cookware made in the USA that cooks healthy and nutritious food for years to come, why wait? This article already highlights their ease of use and simple maintenance, head over to MEC’s online store and order a clay pot today!


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