Cook Summer Chowders in the Best Slow Cooker — on stovetop or on the beach

The real fun of summer starts when you spend time out on the beach while enjoying your favorite foods with friends and family. And summer chowders are a great option for they are healthy, nutritious, and hydrating – just what you need to neutralize the summer heat.

For that, the first step is to plan a weekend on the beach with your family and close friends. And get the best slow cooker to cook your summer chowders. We are sure you can easily make a list of friends to invite on your own. In this article, we will discuss the best slow cooker for healthy, rich, and delicious summer chowders, along with some useful cooking tips.

Which is the best slow cooker for summer chowders?

The best slow cooker should cook your food without leaching toxins and damaging nutrients. And it should be convenient to cook in it, so the hassle of cooking does not take away all the fun.

The conventional slow cookers or crock pots claim to be great at this job but there are many issues – some related to health and others related to hands-on use.

In conventional slow cookers, the cooking pot or the insert is typically made from metals or ceramics. Metals are innately reactive, and ceramics are laden with chemicals that make them highly reactive too. When you slow cook your food in this cookware, they leach toxic ions that react to nutrients in food and form toxic compounds. These diminish the nutritional value of your ingredients and contaminate the food.

Secondly, they radiate harsh near infrared heat that destroys nutrients. And because it is uneven, it undercooks or overcooks parts of food. Also, with the harsh heat, the natural flavor and aroma of the ingredients is lost which means your dish will require additional seasoning.

Third, there is toxic off-gassing from the metal casing of the electric slow cooker close to the food. As the food attempts to take in oxygen from around the pot while cooking, these toxic fumes can be a contributing factor in contaminating your food.

To overcome these issues, you need a cooking pot that is 100% non-toxic and can cook without destroying nutrients. MEC’s pure clay pots are the best slow cooker for this purpose. Keep reading to learn why.

Who is MEC and why does their cooking pot makes a healthy slow cooker?

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) is a US based company that makes pots and pans from lab tested primary clay. They individually handcraft each piece by throwing clay on a potter’s wheel and use skillful hands to shape them. There are no additives, chemicals or glazes used in the process. Therefore, the final product is as pure and healthy as the raw material – 100% non-toxic cooking pots.

MEC pots are naturally inert so there is no risk of leaching metal or glazes such as with conventional cookware. They also radiate gentle far infrared heat that spreads out evenly throughout the pot and cooks food completely, right on stovetop. The food cooks in less time, taking less heat, and even the most delicate nutrients are preserved.

Moreover, MEC’s ergonomically designed pot and lid offer excellent steam management during cooking. The water-soluble nutrients present as steam rising from food. It condenses on the inner side of the lid which is cooler and then falls back into the food. This is particularly important for a balanced diet because the water-soluble nutrients are not stored in the body like fat soluble nutrients and thus, they are needed from food daily.

Also, there are some additional benefits to cooking in MEC that make it healthier and more convenient than cooking in any other pot. Let us take a quick look at them below.

Some cooking tips for slow cooking in MEC

MEC cooks food from inside out as the heat penetrates deep into the ingredients. So all your ingredients can cook together in the same pot. You can add all ingredients at once, close the lid and let them cook until fully done. Food cooks fully and none of the ingredients stays undercooked or turns mushy.

MEC pots are breathable (semi-porous). They let oxygen from around the pot easily pass through and your food cooks with ample oxygen. Excess water evaporates through the walls and the pot holds enough moisture to cook food, and not dry out .

You can cook any dish with little to no oil by simply replacing the amount of oil in the recipe with an equal quantity of water. You may add oil on top when the recipe is just about done. Heating oil first in the pot breaks it into unhealthy trans-fat so this feature of MEC keeps your dish free from trans-fat.

It is better to eliminate unhealthy canned ingredients from your recipe when cooking in MEC. They are full of preservatives, contain a lot of aluminum from the can and are heavily processed (low in nutritional value). They can render your dish unhealthy. Your food will still be flavorful without these because all the nutrients are intact. You must opt for fresh and homemade ingredients instead.

All these healthy features make MEC pots the best slow cooker for summer chowders, soups, stews and many more. With MEC, you can cook your favorite summer chowders like clam chowder, fish chowder, corn chowder, yogurt chowder (see how to make yogurt in MEC in 10 minutes hands-on time), and more in a healthy and convenient way. They will turn out delicious – we promise!

Head over to MEC’s online store and order a pot for slow cooking today!


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