How to bring variety to enjoy yogurt every day? 10 ways

Yogurt is a popular dairy dish known for its delicious taste and many health benefits. Making yogurt at home makes it extra delicious, nutritious and healthier because there are no preservatives, and the probiotics are more active.

When making yogurt at home, MEC’s All-Natural pure clay pots are perfect for the job because they are 100% non-toxic and breathable. Pure clay pots are free from contaminants like metals or ceramics so there is no risk of leaching, and the semi-porous surface lets excess water evaporate. This results in thick, creamy, and delicious yogurt without the need for unhealthy additives, thickeners or artificial sweeteners or flavors. Here are steps to make yogurt in MEC.

Making yogurt in pure clay is easy! But another important aspect of getting the benefits of homemade yogurt is trying different ways to eat it every day, so you do not get bored. Here are 10 different ways that can give your yogurt a different flavor every day:

1. Add yogurt to pancakes:

You can give your morning pancakes an extra sweet flavor and more nutrients by eating them with yogurt. You may add some fruits to your yogurt simply keep it plain. Mix into the batter in place of milk, or enjoy on the side or as a topping.

2. Mix yogurt into your oatmeal:

Oatmeal is a great breakfast dish for its low calories and many health benefits. You can mix in some yogurt and give it a different taste every other time.

3. Add yogurt to your pasta:

Your pasta may taste the same every time with your favorite sauce but occasionally, you can make it more awesome by adding yogurt in place of sauce. There is no need to heat the yogurt, as mixing with the pasta after cooking will warm it sufficiently. And the healthful probiotics will not be destroyed. You can add a sprinkle of your favorite ground spice, for additional flavor and nutrition.

4. Replace sour cream with yogurt in your banana bread:

Banana bread is one of those dishes that are family favorites. Next time, substitute yogurt for sour cream and give your banana bread a nutritious makeover.

5. Loaded baked potatoes:

You can load your baked potatoes with healthy homemade yogurt. Avoid using unhealthy cheese or other delectable toppings that are high in saturated fat, are more difficult to digest, can raise ‘bad’ cholesterol, and can build up in the arteries. Season the yogurt topping as you like, eg. Cinnamon for sweet potatoes, and chives on baked Idaho potatoes, and enjoy!

6. Yogurt on top of boiled eggs:

Not a fan of boiled eggs but eating them for the sake of all that protein? Make them delicious by topping with yogurt and you will have another good excuse to eat them every day. Try adding a dash of paprika or cayenne along with sea salt, for a different flavor.

7. Yogurt salad (aka raitha):

Add some water to yogurt and mix it with some chopped onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and so on. Spice it up with some chopped green chili, cilantro leaves and crushed cumin seeds. Then, enjoy your delicious yogurt salad.

8. Salad dressing:

You can also use yogurt as a salad dressing for your already favorite fruits or vegetable salad. It adds creaminess to your salad without using actual cream, mayonnaise or sour cream.

9. Add to your soups:

You can make your soups creamy by adding some yogurt. Just add a few spoonsful when your soup is ready to serve.

10. Use yogurt as dips:

You can use plain yogurt as dips and avoid mayo or sour cream. You can also make flavored dips using spinach, dill, and other spices, etc.

In addition to these 10 ideas for yogurt, here are some yogurt recipes you can try, right from MEC’s kitchen:

How to make Beetroot Yogurt

How to make Onion & Cucumber Yogurt

How to make Savory Mint Yogurt

Ready to make healthy homemade yogurt to enjoy it in a variety of ways? Head over to MEC’s online store and order a pure clay yogurt maker today!

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