The Non-toxic Way of Slow Cooking

Did you know that there is finally a way to experience slow cooking alongside non-toxic cooking? Yes, you may have heard about Miriams Earthen Cookware or it may be something new to you… In either case, this article will give you an insight into how MEC slow cooks food while keeping toxins at bay. But first, let us introduce MEC to you: 

Miriams Earthen Cookware is a pioneering company based in the USA that has been making cookware and kitchenware from pure and natural primary clay, by harvesting the raw material from the land in Vermont. MEC pots and pans are 100% non-toxic – tested and certified by a reputed state lab. 

Now, let us come back to slow cooking. We already know that slow cooking is a process of cooking foods like soups, stews, broths etc. for long hours at low heat. It requires less babysitting as you can leave your food slow cooking for the whole day and find it ready to serve when you come back in the evening. This is surely convenient, but it has its downsides: 

Toxins leaching from conventional pots 

Conventional slow cooking pots are typically made of metals or ceramics, both leach into food while cooking. Food is a biochemical entity and the nutrients in food react to these metal toxins while cooking as heat acts as a catalyst. This makes food slow cooked in a conventional crock pot toxic and unhealthy. 

Harsh heat destroys nutrients 

It is a fact supported by scientific research that nutrients are destroyed when food is slow cooked. Long hours of cooking even at less than 220°F does a lot of harm to the nutrients. According to World Health Foods, a study done on amino acid lysine found in peanuts showed these results:  

Twenty percent of it had been found to get cooked out after an hour and a half exposure to 150°F heat. After two and one-half hours, 40% was lost. According to World’s Healthiest Foods, most vitamins have less heat stability than this amino acid. So higher percentage losses of many vitamins when cooked at 200°F over six to eight hours of time can be expected.  

This is exactly what happens to essential nutrients when food is slow cooked in a conventional pot. The harsh near infrared heat burns nutritional cells and leaves food lacking in nutrition. 

Eating toxic and nutrition-deficient food makes you sick 

When we eat toxic food regularly, the metal toxins start accumulating in blood, cells, tissues, and organs, and cause detrimental changes resulting in chronic diseases. The immune system also starts failing because of the toxins and lack of nutrients necessary to strengthen it. Thus, food slow cooked in conventional pots weakens your organs, body functions and immune system, and make you vulnerable to sickness and diseases. 

How can you slow cook the non-toxic way with MEC? 

MEC’s non-toxic pots are by nature free from toxins so they do not leach while cooking. The unique far infrared heat radiating from their pure clay walls is gentle. It penetrates deep into food and cooks it evenly throughout at low heat. This food-friendly heat is gentle on the most delicate of nutrients and preserves the overall nutritional value of food. Slow cooking in MEC saves both your health and time. 

Cooking a bone broth with beef bones usually calls for 12-15 hours of cooking in a crock machine, this can be done in about 3 hours in a pure clay pot! And with chicken bones, it takes just 1.5 hours. It usually takes 1.5 hours for meats, 45 minutes – 1 hour for vegetarian recipes, beans or when cooking grains. 

Interested in slow cooking your meals the non-toxic way? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today!


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Sachin Sharma

I hail from a small but popular city of India known as Kurukshetra, mentioned numberless times in Indian/Hindu mythology because of some amazing historical events that supposedly took place there. I have done B.Tech in Information Technology but I decided not to be a Software Engineer as my qualification would have me be because it was all such a cliché. I love to live like a free spirit and do whatever I feel like doing at any moment. I have tried to work in multiple fields but none of them was interesting enough to keep me tied-up for too long. I am a typical Freelancer. I know I am destined to achieve greatness but when and how, I don't know yet.

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