Rice Cooked in MEC – Natural Flavor, Color & Highly Nutritious

Rice is one the most popular foods around the globe – it is a staple for more than half the world’s population. Cooking healthy and delicious rice while retaining its natural color and flavor is every cook’s dream. But the problem is – often the brightest looking rice is not healthy because it is heavily processed, bleached, enriched and lacking essential nutrients. Let us see what the challenges are and how they can be overcome: 

Choosing the right rice – Aged, Parboiled and Unprocessed 

There are several varieties of rice that are heavily processed or enhanced: toxic additives and bleaching agents are added to enhance its texture and smell, but it is far from healthy. It is best to choose aged (dried out naturally for a minimum of 3-4 months after harvesting), parboiled rice, like basmati rice from East Indian origin is one of the good varieties. It is unprocessed and grown in dams that harvest rainwater so not contaminated with arsenic. Fiber-rich brown rice is also a great choice. 

Choosing the right pot – Metal, Ceramics, Clay vs. MEC’s Pure Clay 

For cooking in metal or ceramic pots, rice must be washed multiple times that also washes away starch. Starch contains a balance of simple and complex sugars that are essential for nourishing the body. Most of these are gone even before rice starts cooking. 

Conventional metal and ceramic pots reactively leach toxins while cooking and contaminate rice. They also radiate harsh near infrared heat that destroys delicate complex carbs and leaves rice mushy and tasting bland. 

The pots made from inferior quality clay and with glazes and/or enamels have additional issues besides being toxic and depleting nutrients – they impart color, smell, and taste from the previously cooked foods. This makes rice unhealthy and takes away its natural color and flavor. 

How MEC overcomes these issues? 

On the other hand, MEC’s pure clay pots do not have such issues. This is because the raw material is 100% pure and non-toxic so does not leach like reactive metals so rice cooked in it is free from toxins. 

MEC cooks rice with unique far infrared heat that cooks healthy rice in two ways: 

  1. This gentle heat does not burn the delicate complex carbs, it keeps them intact, so the cooked rice is rich in starches, vitamins, minerals, simple and complex carbs – just the way our body needs. 
  2. This unique heat penetrates deep into each grain and cooks evenly and thoroughly at low to medium heat. Because of the heat being gentle and the pure clay walls of the pot being semi-porous, the pot retains enough moisture to make rice soft, fluffy and each grain separate from one another. 

Also, when cooking rice in pure clay, the residual food from previous cooking never comes into rice but squeezed out instead, so the rice will be pure in taste and shows no discoloration like in case of other cookware. 

Thus, rice cooked in MEC is the healthiest and full of nutrients while retaining its natural color and flavor. Interested in cooking healthy and delicious rice using MEC? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today. 


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Sachin Sharma

I hail from a small but popular city of India known as Kurukshetra, mentioned numberless times in Indian/Hindu mythology because of some amazing historical events that supposedly took place there. I have done B.Tech in Information Technology but I decided not to be a Software Engineer as my qualification would have me be because it was all such a cliché. I love to live like a free spirit and do whatever I feel like doing at any moment. I have tried to work in multiple fields but none of them was interesting enough to keep me tied-up for too long. I am a typical Freelancer. I know I am destined to achieve greatness but when and how, I don't know yet.

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