Your Strongest Weapon in this Crazy Fight: A Strong Immune System

The recent outbreak of COVID-19, a respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus has created a state of emergency around the globe as the number of confirmed infected patients is rising day by day. Although, the most trusted sources of information like WHO have advised people to maintain hygiene to protect them from getting infected, there is one gift of nature that has always protected us from diseases or infections since the inception of human race but strangely, nobody is even talking about it as if we have already given up all hope on its effectiveness:

Believe it or not, the one sure thing that can fight illnesses, viruses, deadly pathogens etc. is not the government, the news, not pills or injections, not even an alien from space but it’s our own God given ability – a system called the immune system that is inside of all of us!

The role of immune system in fighting diseases

The immune system comprises of many biological structures and processes and is the body’s defense system against diseases. It can detect a wide variety of agents, known as pathogens, from viruses to parasitic worms, and distinguish them from the body’s own healthy tissue and destroy them.

A healthy immune system can fight several infections and adapts over time to recognize specific pathogens more efficiently.

While we’re at it, let’s make one thing clear, your immune system can be strengthened at any time in your life, regardless of your age, race or gender. Based on lifestyle, a certain person’s immunity could have been weakened and compromised but regardless of their age, steps can be taken to improve and revive this powerful tool in our bodies.

The factors that weaken the immune system

High levels of air and water pollution plays a key role in deteriorating our body’s defense against infections. The immune system specifically derives its strength from a healthy diet. Our food greatly lacks in nutrition and is full of toxins. And believe it or not, the cookware we use to prepare our food for consumption has greatly contributed to both factors – nutritionally depleted food and toxic food! When we regularly eat toxic and nutrition deficient food, our immune system weakens which makes us susceptible to all kinds of illnesses from mild sickness to deadly diseases.

The role of the food and the right cookware in strengthening the immune system

A healthy immune system greatly depends upon the growth of good bacteria (that fights bad bacteria causing illnesses) in the gut system. Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains promotes robust growth of good bacteria. On the other hand, foods available in processed forms on grocery shelves like bread, cereal, snacks, canned foods etc. are full of detrimental fats, leached metals, and chemical additives.

The best strategy for healthy eating is ‘eat the rainbow’, i.e., add fruits and vegetables of different colors to your daily diet. It is important to choose foods that are least processed and not genetically modified, and then cook them in the healthiest way possible.

The health of cooked foods depends on your choice of cookware. Cooking pots made from innately reactive metals or chemical laden ceramics causes the material of the pot to leach toxins into food while cooking. Also, the harsh near infrared heat from such cookware destroys the delicate nutritional cells in the food.

Choosing a 100% inert cooking pot, like MEC pure clay cookware, makes sure food stays 100% non-toxic while cooking. The raw material used by MEC is unglazed primary clay – an all-natural material that is free from toxins and radiates food friendly far infrared heat that keeps nutrients intact during cooking. Also, the ergonomic design of MEC pot and lid condenses steam (water soluble nutrients) and keeps it within the food. In this way, the food stays rich in water soluble nutrients among other essential nutrients so that you can get your daily dose of a healthy and nutrition-rich diet. Eating such food regularly can strengthen your immune system so it fights infections without succumbing to them.

Besides eating the healthiest and most nutritious food regularly, it is important to reduce stress, getting enough sleep, exercising and getting sunlight regularly. By taking all these steps, we can use our immune systems as the strongest weapon against such deadly infections in this crazy yet winnable fight!


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Sachin Sharma

I hail from a small but popular city of India known as Kurukshetra, mentioned numberless times in Indian/Hindu mythology because of some amazing historical events that supposedly took place there. I have done B.Tech in Information Technology but I decided not to be a Software Engineer as my qualification would have me be because it was all such a cliché. I love to live like a free spirit and do whatever I feel like doing at any moment. I have tried to work in multiple fields but none of them was interesting enough to keep me tied-up for too long. I am a typical Freelancer. I know I am destined to achieve greatness but when and how, I don't know yet.

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