Choose Healthy Cookware to Keep Your Cooked Food Healthy & Nutritious

There are few important components to cooking healthy food, one of which is to choose the healthiest ingredients. Being a health aware cook, you already know the healthiest ingredients would be non-GMO, organic and rich in nutrients. But you need to make sure that they are equally healthy and nutritious after cooking by choosing healthy cookware that doesn’t contaminate or destroy nutrients in food.

You choose healthy ingredients, is it still ‘healthy’ after cooking?

When you cook in conventional metals or ceramic pots, the harsh near infrared heat destroys most nutrients and the cooked food is left nutrition deficient and lacks natural taste. Also, the raw material of these pots leaches reactively so the food is contaminated with metal and chemical toxins. This means your wisely chosen ingredients are no more healthy or nutritious.

What happens to food during cooking: The Need for Healthy Cookware

Cooking food is a biochemical process. In this process, raw food is converted into cooked form so the nutrients can be absorbed in the body. Interestingly, this process involves biochemical reactions. Which is why it’s best done in an 100% inert cooking pot. Why? Because this is the only way you can prevent the pot from being reactive to the biochemical reactions that are happening inside of it. But do you know what happens with the conventional cookware? It’s just the opposite!

Because metal and ceramic cookware are reactive, they engage with biochemical reactions happening inside them during cooking and leach their elements into food. Because they enter the body bound to the food’s nutrients, they don’t get processed out. Instead they get assimilated and accumulate in blood, cells and organs over time. And they cause detrimental changes leading to complex health issues.

How cooking in a healthy cookware makes things better?

You can prevent this damage by choosing a healthy cookware: a cooking pot made from a 100% non-toxic and inert material.

Miriams Earthen Cookware (MEC) – a pioneering company in the US did its research on healthy cookware. They concluded that the only time-honored material that is ideal for cooking healthy and nutritious food is not any artificially created material but all-natural unglazed primary clay or pure clay. Pure clay is 100% non-toxic in its purest form and when no additives, glazes or enamels are used while making pots and pans from pure clay, these turn out to be the healthiest cooking pots.

Why Pure Clay makes the Healthiest Cookware?

Pure clay pots are naturally inert so don’t leach toxins and their walls radiate gentle far infrared heat that preserves nutrients. This unique food friendly heat penetrates deep into food and cooks it thoroughly at low heat. MEC’s ergonomically designed pots and lids also lock steam (water soluble nutrients) by letting it condense on the inner side of lid that stays at a lower temperature than rest of the pot, and fall back into food instead of being released out in the open.

In summary, you can keep your cooked food healthy and nutritious by ditching a cooking pot made from a reactive material and switching to a healthy cookware made from pure clay. Interested in preserving the health value of your cooked food? Head over to MEC Store and order a pure clay pot today!


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