A Pressure Cooker Free of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are chemical elements with relatively high density and are toxic at low concentrations. Examples are nickel, cadmium, chromium, lead, iron, copper, aluminum, cobalt, arsenic, etc. 

Although every health enthusiast takes care not to let any heavy metals enter into their food and water, he or she often overlooks the fact that metals can leach into food from their cooking pots. Unfortunately, most conventional pressure cookers are made of heavy metals! 

Eating food whose nutrients are distorted with metal ions regularly causes these heavy metals to accumulate in body. This eventually causes detrimental changes in cells, tissues, blood and organs, and is the cause for many different illnesses. 

By now, if you’re wondering what could replace a metal pressure cooker, a healthy one? Luckily, there is an alternative – Miriam’s Earthen Cookware is a company that makes cookware from an all-natural, renewable and 100% inert raw material – natural clay. 

Cookware made from natural clayhas stood the test of time since the inception of humanityMEC uses this 100% non-toxic and inert (or non-reactive) material in its raw and purest form so that your food can be at its healthiest, because of the following unique features: 

No leaching metals: 

MEC’s pure clay does not contain any metals and chemicals so doesn’t leach while cooking. Food cooked in their pots has no trace of heavy metals which makes it healthy and safe for everyone. 

Cooks with gentle far-infrared heat: 

The harsh near infrared heat from metals destroys most essential but delicate nutrients. This is not the case with MEC. The far infrared heat from the walls of the pot is food friendly so cooks food gently and thoroughly, keeping all nutrients intact. You can cook any recipe at low to medium heat and in about the same time or less – saves energy and time! 

Efficiently manages steam: 

In conventional pressure cookers, extreme steam pressure calls for steam vents to release all the steam before the lid can be opened safely. Steam is essentially watersoluble nutrients, that are not stored in the body, so it is important that you get it from food on a daily basis. MEC pots preserve water soluble nutrients by condensing steam on the inner surface of lid and letting it fall right back into the food. 

Eco-friendly pots: Keep body and the planet healthy 

This is beyond doubt that MEC pots are the healthiest for cooking food but they have one more feature that no other cookware can offer – they are 100% eco-friendly. Unlike metals and chemicals used in conventional pots that poison the environment at every stage from mining of raw material to finishing of final product, MEC pots do not pollute the environment in any way. 

Even at the end of their useful cycle which can be decades long, pure clay pots go back to the same earth where they come from. 

These features make MEC pots the only pressure cooker absolutely free from heavy metals, and the healthiest cookware out there. Want to keep your food free from heavy metals? Head over to MEC Store and get your pure clay pots and pans today! 

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Sachin Sharma

I hail from a small but popular city of India known as Kurukshetra, mentioned numberless times in Indian/Hindu mythology because of some amazing historical events that supposedly took place there. I have done B.Tech in Information Technology but I decided not to be a Software Engineer as my qualification would have me be because it was all such a cliché. I love to live like a free spirit and do whatever I feel like doing at any moment. I have tried to work in multiple fields but none of them was interesting enough to keep me tied-up for too long. I am a typical Freelancer. I know I am destined to achieve greatness but when and how, I don't know yet.

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