Clay Pot Cooking – This Ancient Way of Cooking Beats All The Modern Ways

Cooking in clay pots might seem like a thing of the past but they are very much a need of the hour. That’s because conventional cookware (metals, ceramic and others)do more harm than good to your family’s health. There are so many health problems that people face that range from day-to-day sicknesses and allergies to life threatening diseases like cancer. Nobody seems to be too sure about the cause of these problems. It seems people have just accepted them without much ado.

So, who is to blame?

The environment, the air, the toxic materials we use so close to our bodies they have all played a part.  But one thing that has changed significantly from before sickness was so rampant was our method of cooking. Specifically, the cookware we’re using!  Few people are aware that the material used in cookware can leach in chemicals/metals and other toxins into food, and also cook to destroy the nutritional cells in food.

When heated, the metal releases ions and chemicals into food that are ingested and accumulate in the body over time. This leads to various diseases that include diabetes, allergies, joint and muscle aches, that are believed to be the normal signs of aging, and even cancer. You can protect your families’ health by just stopping to use such cookware.

Eating nutritionally lacking food in the long run also depreciates the immune system and makes it less prone to fighting disease.  Of course it does more than that but this is one of the biggest issues.

Is there an alternative?

Like we discussed before, it’s the material of the cookware that contaminates the food. What if we can use a material that is absolutely free from chemicals or metal? That’s where pure-clay comes to the rescue. Pure-clay is not like normal clay (like ceramic) used in making pots. Its 100% tested clay sourced in the USA by Miriam’s Earthen Cookware. It is harvested from non-industrialized or unfarmed land and is scientifically proven to be free from any impurity.

Clay cookware have a quality of locking steam within them. So, unlike conventional cookware, the water-soluble nutrients in food settle back in during cooking instead of leaving the pot with the steam.

Pure-clay is proven to be the perfect material for cooking which is why it was used by the ancient civilizationsScriptures state how this was one of the skills taught to humankind when left to fend for themselves, outside of the garden. No wonder all people regardless of where they came from cooked in clay even up to 200 years ago! As we consider ourselves more advanced than those people, it is high time that we stop using conventional metal cookware and switch to pure-clay. To protect your family’s health and find suitable alternatives to your existing cookware, visit MEC Store. They not only make the healthiest clay cookware but also offer some of the most delicious recipes that you wouldn’t wanna miss. Go and check out!


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Sachin Sharma

I hail from a small but popular city of India known as Kurukshetra, mentioned numberless times in Indian/Hindu mythology because of some amazing historical events that supposedly took place there. I have done B.Tech in Information Technology but I decided not to be a Software Engineer as my qualification would have me be because it was all such a cliché. I love to live like a free spirit and do whatever I feel like doing at any moment. I have tried to work in multiple fields but none of them was interesting enough to keep me tied-up for too long. I am a typical Freelancer. I know I am destined to achieve greatness but when and how, I don't know yet.

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