Miriam’s Earthen Cookware Customer Reviews on Making Yogurt

Yogurt – a delicious food that is healthy and nutritious too. While you can always buy it from the store, making it at home has several benefits. It is very easy to make without using unhealthy additives like the ones used in stores. No preservatives, artificial sweeteners, fresheners or shelf life extenders! On the contrary, it is rich in nutrients and tastes a lot better. 

Since ancient times, people always made yogurt in clay pots. Clay is a naturally non-toxic and healthy material that is semi-porous – perfect for making yogurt because the excess water evaporates from the pots porous walls. It leaves yogurt thick and creamy with all the nutritious live cultures intact! 

Thankfully you can still make yogurt in pure clay pots using a simple 10-minutes hands-on recipe. You just need to get a pure clay pot from Miriams Earthen Cookware. Let’s see what experienced MEC cooks have to say about their yogurt: 

Recently we heard from a beloved customer (all of them are to us). He summed it up in one beautiful phrase: 

Love having the clay pots and the yogurt is just ‘from another world’…” 

– Ramesh Kodavatiganti 


Julie shared an amazing review not too long ago.  She loves making yogurt in clay pots and only makes it in MEC pots: 

I love my medium MEC pot! I use it solely for making yogurt..about 2 times a week. After reading the instructions on the website, it couldn’t be easier to get in the habit of making each week. It’s inexpensive and easy; I love not having bought storebought yogurt in over a year…” 

– Julie Irwin 

Susana after extensive research found MEC pots to make organic yogurt with little effort: 

After searching for non-toxic cookware, free of heavy metals I came across MEC (Miriams Earthen Cookware) which uses non-toxic clay sourced from the USA. The organic yogurt I am able to make using my MEC is amazing, easy and delicious! Its easy, just use coconut milk or organic milk and a little bit of yogurt starter…” 

– Susana Perez Bradford 

Kathleen, small café owner in the islands off of North Carolina chose to make homemade greek yogurt in MEC! Here is her experience: 

I own a small cafe on an island off the outer banks. Last year I decided to open a shop and make homemade Greek yogurt. I did a lot of research on the best way to make my yogurt and what method would deliver the best results. Utilizing clay pots was a suggestion I wanted to pursue so I looked for a source to procure them. I found Miriam and ordered a few to test them. I am a believer! Not only are these pots beautifully made and sturdy but they produce the most delicious yogurt! 

– Kathleen Triolo 


Intrigued? Try your own homemade yogurt in MEC pots and share your experience with the world: 

Are you an MEC cook? Do you make yogurt regularly in them? Please share your experience in the comments section below:



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